I apologize for the lack of updates!  An amazing follower sent me download links to things they’ve collected over the years, so expect some new things.  They wish to remain Anoymous and I’m going to discuss how they want me to publish them exactly.  I am obviously a very inept mod.

For now, I’ll be uploading some more things I have in my folders and—hopefully—find a few things to reblog.  :-)

Oh wow, so many followers!  Well, only 10, but I never expected to get one since Superman/Batman seems to be such an unpopular pairing!  With that said, thank you all for following this blog.  You are truly wonderful and amazing people. :-)

With that said, I seem to be following a rather odd update schedule.  I keep updating right before I go to bed (which is normally around 7-9 AM).  I also do not plan to make a lot of moderator posts.  Anyway, thank you kindly once again and have a wonderful day.